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Sarracenia 'Valet'

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Minimum Purchase:
9 units
Maximum Purchase:
54 units

Pot Size: 3.5”
Recommended Temperature zone USAD: 6-11
Frost Tolerance: -2.c in pot/ -8.c in ground
Sun Exposure: Full sun
Origin: unknown but cultivar of S. leucophylla
Height: 8"
Width: 8”
Growth Rate – Shape: Moderate, bog plant
Watering Needs: kept wet at all ltimes
Soil: 2 part peat /1 part silica sand
Flowers: Maroon with yellow centers on tall stalks

Known as a marginal water plant ( planted at the waters edge with their crown out of the water) these guys like tobe kept moist at all times.  Grow in the full sun to get maximum color.  Bugs are attracted to these guys so there is always lots of action.

Available in half flats of 9 and full flats of 18

Please note picture shown is of winter growth.